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Relationship Counseling 

Couples TherapyJust as individuals grow and change through life, so to does the couple. As they navigate the path of life together, all couples got through “growth pains”-showing up as communication issues, resolving conflict effectively, trust break down or dis-connection. Other times, the issues are deeper rooted and show up as co-dependent, family of origin or attachment disorders (see above). Either way, when there are issues there is a profound sense of mis-attunement and misconnection. Couples counseling provides a safe space to discuss and explore conflicts in the relationship and identify strategies for growth and reconnection.

Pre and Post-Divorce Counseling- Divorce is usually one of the most difficult and darkest period in a person's life. Many issues come up outside of the legality of the divorce. Most people suffer from a tremendous sense of grief, loss, trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, loss of self-worth and self-esteem-even if they are the ones filing for divorce. I specialize in working with men and women in all stages of the separation/divorce process. Therapy can be used as a tool, not only, to process what happened and to heal, but also to understand what they would like for their lives moving forward. For those with children, it is of utmost importance that processing takes place away from them. Coming to therapy allows for the processing of the enormity of feelings in a safe environment but will also help in learning how to co-parent in the best interest of the children.

Family Recovery- The family members whose loved one are suffering from substance use or mental illness may end up suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, powerlessness and despair. It can often be difficult to set clear boundaries and limits as well as communicate effectively. By focusing on recovery of the family system we can rebuild trust, create healthy connections and reduce chaos.

Co-dependency -is an emotional disorder where one’s happiness is sacrificed for the other. Oftentimes, codependency stems from unmet needs from childhood that are still trying to be satisfied in adulthood. The negative effects that this disorder has on one’s self esteem can result in inappropriate—and more importantly, ineffective—coping mechanisms usually resulting in interpersonal relationship issues.


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