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Individual therapy/Positive Psychology- There are many reasons to come to therapy. Therapy is not only used with 'diagnosable' conditions but also 'life conditions'. One does not need to be diagnosed (pathologized) to try to get a better understanding of what they would like to bring into their lives. Positive Psychology is the enhancement of personal growth and is used with stable clients who seek insight and self-discovery.

Mood Disorders (Depression, Anxiety, Bi-Polar I & II)- Mood disorders are the most common reasons people come to therapy. I have been successful in the treatment of them, as there are multiple ways to address and treat them usually a combo of CBT and DBT. Medication is always an option for treatment, and sometimes it is necessary, however, often times simple talk therapy has brought relief more quickly than trying to find the right medication.  

Family of Origin-ACOA-Complex childhood Trauma-attachment disorders Understanding the coping skills developed to satisfy unmet needs in childhood begins the process validating, and healing family of origin, societal or even spiritual wounds.

Co-dependency -is an emotional disorder where one’s happiness is sacrificed for the other. Oftentimes, codependency stems from unmet needs from childhood that are still trying to be satisfied in adulthood. The negative effects that this disorder has on one’s self esteem can result in inappropriate—and more importantly, ineffective—coping mechanisms usually resulting in interpersonal relationship issues.

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