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Substance Use Disorders

Addiction is a lifelong mental health disorder/disease. I use multiple techniques and modalities that offer help and support for those wanting better accountability and reinforcement through their early sobriety.

Case management- The most precarious time in early recovery is after graduating from inpatient treatment. Leaving inpatient treatment has often been described as going from a warm cocoon to an ice-cold bath. Scientific evidence shows that the sooner and the longer a person can stay connected to recovery support after inpatient treatment, the higher the chance for long term recovery. To that end, I offer full-service individualized case management, as I believe that not one size fits all and that everyone’s life circumstances are different. My goal is to support the family and the client transition from inpatient to outpatient and home. I will create a plan, monitor progress, and support the client in maintaining their sobriety, while the client develops the skills to create a life of health, serenity and peace.

Soberlink- For those with a history of relapse, I have been successful in helping clients get off the merry go round and into long term sobriety. 

The Soberlink program was designed to empower people in their first year of recovery. Studies show that monitoring in early recovery can lead to significantly better outcomes because it reinforces accountability and transparency with the client’s recovery support circle. Soberlink technology utilizes a portable breathalyzer and recovery management software making it easy to regularly screen for alcohol use.

Family Recovery- The family members whose loved one are suffering from substance use or mental illness may end up suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, powerlessness and despair. It can often be difficult to set clear boundaries and limits as well as communicate effectively. By focusing on recovery of the family system we can rebuild trust, create healthy connections and reduce chaos.

Post Substance Abuse treatment- For most people, getting and staying sober solves the immediate problems in their lives, but sobriety does not address underlying issues that led to the addictive behavior to being with. Working a 12-step program gives the person the tools to live life sober, however, it does not address deeper, underlying issues that are often the root of the addiction. Addiction is oftentimes a maladaptive coping mechanism utilized to protect against childhood emotional and physical trauma. I work to address and heal co-dependency, family of origin issues (complex childhood trauma) ACOA issues, attachment disorders-as healing those are essential to living a life that is happy, joyous and free. 

Family of Origin-ACOA-Complex Childhood Trauma (C-PTSD)-Attachment Disorders Understanding the coping skills developed to satisfy unmet needs in childhood begins the process validating, and healing family of origin, societal or even spiritual wounds.

Co-dependency -is an emotional disorder where one’s happiness is sacrificed for the other. Oftentimes, codependency stems from unmet needs from childhood that are still trying to be satisfied in adulthood. The negative effects that this disorder has on one’s self esteem can result in inappropriate—and more importantly, ineffective—coping mechanisms usually resulting in interpersonal relationship issues.


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